Corey's Corner Kitchen

Customer Reviews

I have used Corey’s Kitchen Corner for over a year. The meals are well-balanced, taste great, and they are very affordable. The meals have helped me to stay on point with my nutrition goals and this has helped me to lose weight, keep it off, and also to get stronger. The portion sizes are perfect and the convenience of just having to re-heat a prepared meal is amazing. I would recommend Corey’s Kitchen Corner to anyone looking to overhaul their nutrition program with well-balanced, healthy and fresh meals.
Ken M
Energy, strength, and endurance! This is what my old ass gets when I eat Corey’s Kitchen Corner meals. Corey provides well balanced meals, packed with ingredients that healthy people eat to stay young and fit! So if you’re a saucy 40 year old like me and want to feel like you can hang with the young athletic crowd at your local gym, then you should definitely invest in Corey’s Kitchen Corner. Sylvia R
Sylvia R
Corey’s Kitchen Corner have helped me tremendously with my fitness goals. Not only were they the critical component to my body transformation challenge but I've noticed substantial gains in my all-around fitness due to the excellent fuel the meals provide to my body.
Dan F
With Corey’s Kitchen Corner, we do not have to think about planning, buying or preparing what we are going to eat for dinner each week. We are eating healthier, with portion control with variety. We love the convenience!
Jeanine & Mike W
My wife and I have been members of Bloodline CrossFit for a while and have seen Corey and Jason build their clientele with our gym mates. Everyone raved and so we had to give it a try and we love how healthy, delicious, and well-priced their meals are! We definitely recommend!
Chris M
“Eating healthy and losing weight was never easier…. The meals are delicious…. Over a 3 month period, I was able to lose 20 pounds”
Chris R
I’ve been using Corey’s Kitchen Corner meals since January 2021. With my schedule, it just fit that I needed to just know what I was going to eat to reach my goals. The meals not only helped me drop to my goal weight but also helped keep up my strength in the gym, even when cutting. My bloat was gone, my face cleared up, and it just made my life easier. It’s worth the price and there is always something new on the meal every week. And they are always delicious!
Katie K
I’ve been using Corey’s Kitchen Corner meals for 2 years now. From maintenance to gainer meals, they know just how to get you there. Meals are always fresh and tasty. Highly recommend!!!
Zeke E